»Random Daily Drive« playlist generator for Spotify®

Are you tired of having always the same songs in your Daily Drive playlist?
This is a small web application for Spotify® trying a different approach:

  1. Collect all news and podcasts from your real Daily Drive playlist (autogenerated from Spotify).
  2. Randomly select 6 tracks from all your saved tracks.
  3. For each selected track get 3 similiar tracks using Spotify's recommendation api.
  4. This results in 6 blocks with one podcast and 4 similar songs each.
  5. The 24 songs are saved in a playlist named »Random Daily Drive«. If the playlist already exists, all songs are replaced.

Include news and podcasts from your official Daily Drive

6 of your favorite tracks will be chosen randomly

Each block consists of a saved song and 3 recommended songs.

When you authenticate the app, Spotify® generates an access token which is valid for an hour.
All work and communication is done in the browser and nothing is stored anywhere.